Romantic & Earthy Elopement Shoot in Venice

Venice is beautiful at any time of day, but it is a photographer’s dream to shoot early in the morning when the streets are quiet. Our Bride & Groom models were ready by 6 am to head into the city, led by Eliza Jane Photography.

They strolled into the main Piazza of Venice – San Marco – for portrait and location photos. It doesn’t get more iconic than having San Marco’s Basilico behind you!

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, one of the many luxury Hotels found in Venice, is located on the Island of Guidecca. The Hotel is in perfect position, sitting directly across the water, to San Marco. The Fondamenta, which is situated at the back of the Hotel, is a wonderful spot to take in the beauty of Venice from the edge of the lagoon, especially as the sun sets. It is the ultimate romantic dinner location – especially when you pull up in a luxury water taxi.

The Fondamenta, Hotel Cipriani, is a stunning spot on the waters edge for a romantic dinner

The colour palette for this shoot was dusty, earthy tones with accents of gold. Pretty Flowers captured this palatte perfectly as did Corcortez Floral with the beautiful throw for the table and the long velvet ribbons for the bouquet. The stationery was designed to match.

And of course…no Venice gallery is complete without those whimsical bridges.

This Styled Shoot was featured on Strictly Weddings.

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